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In 2018, Kassim Hassanali won seven industry awards for his excellence in fleet and fuel tracking that has saved companies millions of shillings in a period when the government increased the price of fuel by eight percent. “With the rapid increase of fuel prices by the government, we saw an opportunity.The transport industry needed to curb fuel syphoning and increase profit margins within and across our territorial borders, while they undertake their businesses. We ended up introducing NAJ PRO 4 Fuel Tracking system this year- an innovation with a 100 percent success rate in hardware and fuel tracking precision systems,” said Kassim. This initiative has won the company five awards this year, including the Best Fleet and Fuel Management Company at the National Road Safety Awards 2018, and the Outstanding Innovation in ICT products and Services, and Outstanding ICT Business Solution Provider of the year awarded by the Computer Society of Kenya.

Other awards include the best auxiliary service provider and best business initiative award in the East Africa Maritime Awards.
Meanwhile, Kassim has won two individual awards: Best Tracking CEO Award in the National Road Safety Awards and Best IT
Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018 from the Computer Society of Kenya. “The awards have inspired me and I am looking into leveraging my fleet and fuel tracking expertise and venturing into the NTSA speed Limiters and KRA cargo tracking as a wider arena to work in,” he said.

As the CEO of Naj Tracking Limited, a transport and security solutions provider, his other responsibilities in the company
include assisting corporate clients in project valuation, and he is also responsible for strategy and operations, as well as making
sure clients get quality and speedy responses during emergencies. Some of his clients include Mombasa Cement, Prime Bank, Bank of Africa, Cytonn Investment, Daraja Plus, Living Goods and Corrugated Sheets.
When he is not working, the 38-year-old mentors upcoming young rally drivers by training them in motor security and tracking lessons.



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